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London wedding photographer, based in Gipsy Hill, Crystal Palace: studied Management at Economics Academy of Bucharest, but after that I considered it wasn’t one of my goals in life. So I’ve decided to find my path going to study Journalism at Valachia Univerisity of Targoviste. That’s all I wanted since I was a child. Passionate storytelling, I have worked for some Romanian media companies and in the same time I have managed several blogs. Meanwhile I met some quality people and I started to get involved in two online gaming projects. In late 2009, I met Gabriela (my partener since then) and once I met her I found my passion for photography. In early 2010, I grabbed the first professional camera and since then I have not let it go. My goal is to present you the best story you can have! Nice to meet you my friends!


2017 in 100 frames – My favorites

2017 in 100 frames – My favorites

2017, a major year of change

2017 has seen a major year of change in my life, but I am happy I photographed 20 beautiful weddings and another 49 as a second photographer. I am happy and feel blessed that I could see new “places” of this wonderful world. I am delighted to call “home” a country that welcomed me with warmth (not regarded to meteorology). I am blessed to have met so many wonderful people and new friends who made my journey more enjoyable. I added a huge amount of experience to my life and to my photography career which means I am very lucky!

Besides being thankful to my beautiful couples, I would like to show my appreciation to some special (wedding photographer) friends who have trusted me to shoot with them during their weddings: to Jon Mold (we travelled the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland – in fact 8 times, photographing the most vibrant parties, sleeping in the car for one night because we left our B&B keys in our room and nobody to let us back in, shooting a wedding ceremony in the oldest pub in England – apparently the only pub The Queen has ever visited), to my brother Segun Olotu (we photographed some awesome Nigerian weddings together, thank you for being always there), to Soven Amatya (thank you for all your support) and to Sukhi Chandi, Rohit Gautam, Alexis JaworskiRichard Howman and Peter Cox.

And last but not the least, massive thanks to my partner Gabriela Matei for being so supportive, she is such an amazing wedding photographer and editor, and for sticking by me, for better or for worse.

I also gave my first presentation in English (slaying one of my fears – yihaa – that felt good !!! ) at The Now Collectives conference in Lagos, Nigeria, in front of 80 amazing photographers. You can read more about that amazing experience here.

To my future couples

Your wedding is a day of happiness, joy, tears, laughs, hugs, dancing, music, kindness and friendship! As you enjoy every moment, I will be in the background to beautifully capture them all. Keep the wedding party happy and don’t fret over the small things. I know how much effort, love and heart has gone into making your wedding special and unique. Once the music has stopped, all you are left with is the wedding dress which will be cleaned and carefully packed away, and your wedding photos.

Here are some of my most favourite photos from 2017 – in total 100 amazingly awesome photos from the weddings I’ve been lucky enough to attend. Please leave a comment if you liked the slideshow. I’d love to know your thoughts.

Happy 2018 wherever you are!



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