I don’t know why Nigerian weddings are so special. Maybe because I have so many Nigerian friends, maybe because I visited Nigeria few times and I will go back to Lagos this May, maybe because they really know how to dance (it’s something genuine, in their nature, they are born with this gift of knowing how to move on music), maybe their customs or just the people. While I was in Nigeria I noticed the smile on their faces, they know how to enjoy life no matter how many challenges they face every day.

Ayo, the groom, is one of Segun’s best friends. Segun is one of my best friends and a great Nigerian wedding photographer. When he asked me and Gabriela to shoot Ayo and Ayo’s wedding, we were more than honored. We knew it will be a huge responsibility as Segun’s work is amazing. He said to us he won’t have his camera as he wanted to enjoy this day. He also had a huge responsibility by being the Best Man.

Ayo and Ayo couldn’t have a better choice for their wedding venue. Boreham House is a wonderful place built in the heart of the Essex countryside, 7 minutes far away from Chelmsford. We’ve found a very professional staff that helped us with everything we needed. Ayo and Ayo’s emotional wedding ceremony ended up with them dancing to Nigerian music and their party was something we expected since the beginning: dance, dance, dance. How beautiful African culture is with their traditional attire! I really admire how they can still include their identity and excitement into their weddings. There’s one more thing I would like to add: Nigerian spicy food is out of this world.

Thank you for having us as your wedding photographers! Thank you, Segun!


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