From the first day I have interacted with Jess and Tom – they have been extremely jolly and kind all the time. They looked like two people who were not only in love with each other, but also ready to let the love flood over to everyone around them. I still remember our first meeting. It was in a pub right next to the Crystal Palace park where we enjoyed a couple of beers while discussing about their big day.

Telling stories through pictures is what I love doing most and it's even better when those moments are frozen in time. As a wedding photographer, I come prepared for everything! The venue chosen by Jess and Tom, the County Arms Pub in Wandsworth, was really nice and all the decorations were really attractive. It looked like it was straight out of a fairytale. The pub had a perfect atmosphere for a lively and fun wedding party. With the live music and people, you can't imagine the wedding would be a dull one. The Christmas lights were attached to the pillars outside, the bar was decorated with beautiful lights with Christmas presents on it. Because their event took place right between Christmas and New Year's Eve.

Everyone enjoyed themselves, especially Jess and Tom who had such an amazing time at their wedding celebration. Thank you, guys!

Thanks for helping me out covering this wedding, Ionut!

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