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London wedding photographer, based in Gipsy Hill, Crystal Palace: studied Management at Economics Academy of Bucharest, but after that I considered it wasn’t one of my goals in life. So I’ve decided to find my path going to study Journalism at Valachia Univerisity of Targoviste. That’s all I wanted since I was a child. Passionate storytelling, I have worked for some Romanian media companies and in the same time I have managed several blogs. Meanwhile I met some quality people and I started to get involved in two online gaming projects. In late 2009, I met Gabriela (my partener since then) and once I met her I found my passion for photography. In early 2010, I grabbed the first professional camera and since then I have not let it go. My goal is to present you the best story you can have! Nice to meet you my friends!


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La Dolce Vita: Egadi Wedding & Glamour 2016
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La Dolce Vita: Egadi Wedding & Glamour 2016

It has been a while since I've posted a story on my blog, but few days ago I felt like the time had come. I have so many stories on the list and its my goal for this year is to present to you as many as I can. My life is gravitating more towards photography everyday: I photograph between 25 and 40 weddings a year, I shoot on the streets daily (sometimes with my camera, but most of the time I use my Iphone), I attend...

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