Couple portraits

Wedding day couple portraits are important to me even I am more into documenting your event. I love good looking, natural, fun or romantic couple portraits.

When you book me as your wedding photographer a short and relaxed wedding photo session with you is included. I normally don’t need more than 30 minutes as your wedding day is supposed to be spent with your family and friends. Your wedding day is a special event, shared with those who care most about you. I would like you to enjoy it at its maximum rather then spending it for couple portraits. I will also be there to capture the candid and genuine moments: your tears of joy, your laughs, hugs and kisses or different stories you could not see or remember because you can only be in one place at a time.


good couple portrait takes time to setup and refine so my goal for a wedding day couple session is to create for you at least 6 outstanding images that can show your true personality. The best time to photograph is 1 hour before the sunset (we photographers call this time the “golden hour” because light is redder and softer than when the sun is higher in the sky) or 15-20 minutes after the sunset, in a time called blue hour defined as the period of the day when the colour of the sky ranges from blue to dark blue.

The location itself does not count much as I am more interested to capture the real connection between you, little moments and stories in order to create a lasting memory of you, a lovely record for you to be able to look back on once you are older.

Below, you have a collection of my favourite wedding day couple portraits. Enjoy!

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