Besides photographing weddings, I love to teach other photographers


When I started to photograph weddings, 9 years ago, I knew few things about the wedding market and how to take great images. Fortunately, the internet was there. Unfortunately the internet was not enough.

The internet has helped me to improve my photography technique after days and nights spent on Youtube and Google. It was the easiest part. It was hard to find my own style, my own purpose and my motivation. After struggling to stay in business for the first 2 years and after attending wedding photography conferences and workshops of other professional wedding photographers, I suddenly started to find my path. I realized the things that prevents us to become who we really want to be are our personal fears, our inner demons fighting battles, those random thoughts in our mind telling us things like “we can’t do this” or “our photography is not good enough”.  My way to move forward and understand the whole process behind wedding photography was to clear my mind and then be able to approach every challenge with an open, peaceful and optimistic fresh mind that is looking for solutions.

I truly believe every photographer has something special to share and I have to say that every photographer I have met on this journey helped me to become the photographer I am today. After 9 years on the wedding photography field I realized that “giving back” is mandatory. It has to be a balance between “TAKE and GIVE”. I love helping others to improve their business approach and their photography skills and vision.

I am very proud to have helped more than 25 wedding photographers through my Mentoring and coaching program for wedding photographers and another 30 attendees of my workshops to increase their bookings, manage their business better and to create outstanding images.

I am also a part of the team who is developing WEDDCAMP in Romania, probably the most important conference and one of the best network for workshops for wedding photographers in Eastern Europe.

Find below details about my previous and future workshops!

Wedding photography workshop + SEO Lab / MARIAN STEREA + MARIUS TUDOR

Upcoming: #2CREATIVE Workshop - Danube Delta, 10-12 July 2018

[ROMANIAN] #2CREATIVE este primul workshop din Romania unde vei invata si aplica, in acelasi timp, fotografie de nunta si strategii de promovare online, timp de trei zile (10-12 iulie 2018), alaturi de noi, Marian Sterea si Marius Tudor.

#2CREATIVE va avea loc in buza Deltei Dunarii, la Jurilovca, la trei ore de mers cu masina din Bucuresti, la doi pasi de cetatile Enisala si Argamum, pe malul lacului Razim, cel mai mare lac din Romania.

Vrem sa avem langa noi o gasca nebuna de 30 de fotografi de nunta creativi, iubitori de natura si traditional si deschisi la idei noi, dispusi sa invete indiferent de nivelul de pregatire. Cele doua workshopuri vor pune accent pe practica si vor fi interactive si dinamice. Pentru consistenta si o asimilare mai eficienta a informatiilor, ne vom impartiti in doua grupuri de 15 (“grupul pescarilor” si “grupul gospodarilor”) , iar workshopurile vor fi de 1 zi si jumatate. In prima zi, grupul pescarilor va lucra cu Marian, iar grupul gospodarilor va trece in tabara lui Marius, iar dupa prima zi si jumatate ne vom schimba.

A patra zi este destinata unei ture foto cu barca pe lacul Razim in directia Gura Portitei, acordeon si voie buna.


wedding photography seo workshop marian sterea marius tudor
Wedding photography workshop with Sal Cincotta & Marius Tudor

Nikon Wedding Advanced Campus Italy (NWAC) / 13-18 March 2018, Catania, Italy

During my NWAC class I will guide and teach the students how to create a powerful story with all the images they deliver to the client. I will show them my workflow: what lenses I use and why, how I prepare myself for the wedding day, tips and tricks about how to make their couple to look natural (not posed), how I shoot and what is my philosophy about composition, how I select my final images and how I deliver the final set. I will also give them advices about how to promote their work to the right clients, the ones they want to photograph.
My class is about guiding them to find their voice and not to follow the trends, by doing what they really like and not what society asks.
nwac workshop marius tudor

wedding photography workshops conferences 5
NWAC Italy, 13th-18th March 2018, Wedding Photography Workshop with Sal Cincotta & Marius Tudor
Digital marketing workshop for wedding photographers


This workshop is probably the most dynamic I’ve taught until now. Two days spent with 7 wedding photographers speaking about their struggles, checking their websites and talking about their social media presence. Every attendee presented his website and together we tried to find the best solutions to improve their SEO (from coding to texts).

This workshop is probably one of my favourite. The next one will be announced soon. If you are a Romanian wedding photographer interested in this workshop, please hit the button below.


Wedding photography conference

The Now Collectives 2017, Lagos, Nigeria

One day I received a message from Segun Olotu, one of my good friends I met along my wedding photography journey. He said “Marius, I want to do something amazing for the Nigerian photographers, I want to give them all the support they need to learn from the best wedding photographers in the world. Would you and Gabriela like to be a part of our first edition?” We accepted and our presentation about wedding photography storytelling was good received by the Nigerian photographers.


Marius Tudor The Now Collectives 2017 1
Marius Tudor, speaker at The Now Collectives 2017, Lagos
Marius Tudor The Now Collectives 2017 3
The Now Collectives 2017 attendees
Marius Tudor The Now Collectives 2017 2
The Now Collectives 2017 Line-up
Wedding photography workshop

WEDDCAMP Winter Session 2017, Bran, Romania

WEDDCAMP Winter Session is probably the most complex wedding photography workshop in Romania. Four successful wedding photography studios in Romania speaking 4 days about their uniqueness, about their best “unique selling point”.

marius tudor weddcamp winter session 2017
Storytelling workshop @ WEDDCAMP Winter Session 2017, Bran, Romania
WEDDCAMP WInter Session Marius Tudor 2
WEDDCAMP Winter Session 2017, © Cristi Manolache
WEDDCAMP Winter Session Marius Tudor 3
WEDDCAMP Winter Session 2017, © Marian Sterea
WEDDCAMP Winter Session 2017 Marius Tudor 4
WEDDCAMP Winter Session 2017, © Cristi Manolache
Wedding photography conference

WEDDCAMP - Eastern European Wedding Photography Conference 2016, Mamaia, Romania

Wedding photography workshops conferences

wedding photography workshops conferences
WEDDCAMP 2016 - Eastern European Wedding Photography Conference
wedding photography workshops conferences 3
WEDDCAMP 2016 © Cristi Manolache
WEDDCAMP 2016 Eastern European Wedding Photography Conference
WEDDCAMP 2016 © Marian Sterea
WEDDCAMP 2016 Wedding Photography Conference
WEDDCAMP 2016 © Cristi Manolache