I lived in Bucharest for nearly 14 years and I can easily call this city my second home, after my hometown. While I was a student I walked on almost every street of the Old City Center and surroundings. I may say I know every small corner and how the light sheds in the morning or in the evening. There’s something special about this city. Maybe its architecture, maybe the vibe of an Eastern European capital or just the people. Before becoming a London wedding photographer, 90% of my wedding photography business was linked to this beautiful city.


Andreea and Sebi are the kind of people in love with photography and they appreciate and put value on prints. I met them in the summer of 2015 and since then I photographed every important moment of their life making our relationship very special. An engagement session is a great way for me and my couples to get to know each other better before the wedding day. It is highly recommended in order to create a strong connection between us. We spend about an hour and a half on a specific location or it can just be a simple walk on the streets. We talk about your wedding plans and your expectations and we can stop for a cup of coffee or tea. This way I get to experience you as a couple and you get to experience the feeling of being in front of a camera. That makes everything simple for the wedding day. We are already friends, we know each other, you already saw an amazing set of images which brings up confidence for both sides.

The plan for Andreea and Sebi’s Bucharest Old City Center engagement session was set since our first meeting. They also love the place, so it was easy. We had a short walk on Calea Victoriei, the most well known street in Bucharest, then we had a short stop for a cup of tea.

It was planned to catch the blue hour so everything went like we planned. Thank you, guys! You’re rock stars!

If you ever plan to visit Bucharest for your pre wedding shots give me a shout!

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