When the wedding day arrived, we knew very little about Nigerian parties but what followed exceeded all our expectations. Starting from the getting ready moments, people were very friendly and received us with open arms. Boys arrived at the location half an hour before the girls so we had plenty of time to play football, to joke and to prepare for the Ceremony.

The ceremony took place in a very beautiful wedding venue in Essex, called The Hylands Estate Chelmsford, and it was one of the most emotional ceremonies I have ever attended. The Pastor’s speech was full of great advice for everyone, I remember one in particular: “Parents have a great influence in their lives but they have to decide on their own what’s important for them from now on.”

When the party started, I was totally caught by surprise: the vibrant party started with the entrance of the families, dancing, a big group of people wearing colorful dresses dancing and singing in synchrony that I’ve never seen coming, I can tell, it was amazing. After this bridesmaids and groomsmen followed, crazy, beautiful dancing again for 15 minute and as soon as they stopped, Lade and Bode made their entrance dancing. I was amazed by the beauty, the joy, the rhythm of the music and the beauty of the dance. A party full of joy and beautiful Nigerian music.


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